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Principles of Animation for Visualization, Architecture, and Design
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This course will show designers, architects, and engineers how to make better and more-appealing animations for visualization, architecture, and design. Taught by an animation-industry veteran, this fast-moving presentation will take the basic principles of animation and use them to demonstrate ways to make your animations more visually appealing and easier to understand. The course will cover such topics as the importance of design and layout and the importance of storytelling, and we’ll discuss maintaining proper timing and adding weight. We will also cover technical topics such as animation curves, motion paths, and procedural animation, but in a non-software-specific way to make the topics and processes accessible to all. This session features 3ds Max and Maya. AIA Approved

Основные выводы

  • Understand the importance of storytelling
  • Learn how to lay out images for maximum impact
  • Discover how timing can affect story and presentation
  • Understand how animation tools can help speed the process




How to Make Appealing Animations for Visualization, Architecture, and Design

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