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Automatic Rebar Detailing of Wall-Based Buildings Using Dynamo and ETABS
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Currently there are many engineering software systems designed to efficiently evaluate different structural solutions and/or strategies for reinforced concrete buildings. However, turning the adopted solution into a full Revit model (including rebars in RC elements) is still a very time-consuming task that diminishes the efficiency obtained in the previous analysis/design phase. Native Revit tools for rebar detailing are helpful if structural elements are limited in number, but they lack the required efficiency when working in middle- to large-size projects. In this class, you'll see the challenges faced, and the workflow and solutions used to develop a Dynamo tool that communicates via API with the finite element analysis software CSI ETABS 2016. This tool automatically puts the reinforcement of different structural elements (such as regular and irregular walls, columns, and beams) into the Revit model.

Основные выводы

  • Learn the efficiency issues and limitations of current existing tools to detail rebars of structural elements in Revit
  • Learn development examples that use Dynamo to solve most of the particular cases described
  • Learn the workflow used to interchange data from the third-party analysis software to the Revit model
  • Learn how to improve productivity for rebar detailing in medium-size and large Revit models using Dynamo


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