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Pre-conference Session    CCS256042
Connected Problem Solving: Construction’s New Perspective on VR
Autodesk University
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Immersive technology in construction has largely been defined as the use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality tools to visualize proposed designs, identify and improve space planning, or to communicate design intent to a greater community. Unfortunately, disproven workflows during the construction phase on unproven hardware represent too great of a risk for construction firms to invest in either. As a result, most firms have been left with a fragmented, disconnected ecosystem where the vast majority of value added use cases have yet to be discovered. It’s frustrating. We hear you.


It makes sense that a potential solution would be collaborative, centered on the AEC industry, and focused on quantified value. Ideally, it would be cloud-based, have data at the center, and leverage Autodesk’s Forge APIs together with partner solutions to finally achieve VR scalability for AEC customers. Please join us and experience connected problem solving in a new and exciting way.


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