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Pre-conference Session    CCS320897
Improving Safety Training with BIM and Virtual Reality Technology
Autodesk University
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Safety is king in construction. Safety is one of the most-common core values of organizations, and one of the least technological markets for software use. If safety is a core value, and technology is something every organization prides itself on, what’s the missing link? The uses of technology in construction often focus on analytics and providing value to the customer. However, employee safety is invaluable, and merging technology and safety is the next step for construction. This industry talk will cover workflows for providing different platforms of safety models to end users as well as internal employee improvement. We’ll provide ideas for building an in-house modeling program for creating safety models that users can easily view in traditional formats, such as web links and videos, as well as full virtual reality (VR) simulations using Revit modeling from your virtual design and construction (VDC) department.

Основные выводы

  • Learn how to use Revit and additional rendering software(s) to create safety simulations
  • Discover the potential uses of safety training models and videos
  • Learn about a way to market improved safety techniques to help win projects
  • Learn how to create unique workflows for providing safety models to different end users



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