Lecture    AB1851
Optimizing the Design Development Stage Using Autodesk® Revit® Architecture
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The design development stage of a building design is an important time for refining the building design for meeting requirements, but it is also the time when good communication with the client is crucial for getting their approval. In this class, we will demonstrate ways of using Autodesk Revit software to make sure that you are fulfilling the design criteria through verifying space usage per the program, addressing room occupancy, and visually coordinating fire-rated walls and doors. We will also show how to communicate the design to the client through room data sheets, 3D plans per floor, floor plan shadowing, color schemes, and other methods.

Основные выводы

  • Create 8-1/2-inch x 11-inch room data sheets
  • Create visually impressive floor plans
  • Configure a view to show the room occupancy for each room
  • Create a custom schedule to verify the space usage relationship to the program



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