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Standards for Developing Standards: A How-to for Busy CAD Managers
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CAD standards matter. Yet so few of us have taken the time to develop, document, and deploy the CAD standards we desperately need. The reason is simple-developing CAD standards is hard work. Never fear. We're going to outline the entire process of installing CAD standards in your company. This class will show you the framework, including knowing when it's right for you to create standards, identifying which standards are needed, and deploying your new CAD standards. Learn the tried-and-true process that anyone can put to use, regardless of how busy he or she is. Get supportive milestone information, a checklist to help you go home and document your own effective practices, and the complete framework to help you start. This is the class you've been waiting for. Not another day should go by without you and your staff having excellent CAD standards at your fingertips.

Key Learnings

  • Learn who should develop a CAD standard, how to develop a standard, and what to do to deploy it
  • Discover major milestones necessary to develop your own 10 release of your CAD standard, and then track subsequent versions
  • Learn how to bring important stakeholders into the development process to gain input, buy-in, and added vetting assistance
  • Learn how to identify and avoid the major pitfalls of development, deployment, implementation, and maintenance of valuable CAD standards




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