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Sharing Fusion 360 Files Through to Vault

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    Last year we did a class (“How to Use Fusion 360 and Inventor for Effective Designs”) where we linked Fusion 360 files with Inventor using Desktop Connector. The most requested addition to that was to link those files into Vault software, so this year we’ll go through some of the different configurations for how we can load and manage these Fusion 360 files in Vault. Some of the things we will look at include creating the connection and adding the files, as well as managing the files; and we’ll also discuss version and revisions of the files in Vault.

    Key Learnings

    • Review Desktop Connector and the Project file.
    • Learn how to add the files to the Vault.
    • Learn how to manage the files in the Vault.
    • Discover versions and revisions of the files.