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From Scribble to Sketch to Solid to Swarf—Having a Go at the Full Design-to-Manufacture Process in Fusion 360

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    Fusion 360 software is a complete product-design tool that enables users to go from concept to production with integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE technology. We hear that a lot, but in reality, what does it actually mean? Is it the Swiss Army knife of design software? Can it do everything? This class will take attendees through the complete design and manufacturing process, from initial concept scribbles all the way through to generating files for 3D printing and toolpaths for a computer numerical control (CNC) job. We'll kick off with bringing some drawings into the Fusion 360 environment and using them as template. Then we will move on to some basic simulations, carrying out a design change and generating some communication visuals with custom materials. Finally, we'll hit up the Manufacture workspace to generate some toolpaths for CNC machining and potentially fire up a CNC machine (using Fusion Team to share tool libraries).

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to take a product through the entire design and manufacture process in Fusion 360.
    • Explore workspaces other than “Design” in Fusion 360.
    • Learn how design changes can be cascaded to other subsequent processes in Fusion 360.
    • Learn about the different ways of collaborating in Fusion 360, such as sharing CNC tool libraries.