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Scalable Technology for Scalable Advanced Work Packaging

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    Advanced work packaging (AWP) is project management methodology and Construction Industry Institute (CII) Best Practices. Autodesk and its partners Datum360, iConstruct, and O3 Solutions are working together using Forge to help customers scale AWP processes across projects of any size. Each technology alone has strengths and weaknesses in supporting different AWP workflows. In this session, we will demonstrate how Forge enabled technology companies to integrate, joining their strengths to deliver a scalable AWP solution. Join this session to learn about scalable and integrated technologies supporting Advanced Work Packaging processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about Advanced Learn Packaging concepts and processes.
    • Discover opportunities to digitize and automate Advanced Work Packaging processes capitalizing on technology.
    • Learn how technology provided by Autodesk, Datum360, and iConstruct work together using Forge to support AWP.
    • Learn how to change management best practices to accelerate process and technology adoption and to reduce time to value.