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No More Tutorials: Time for Real “Blank Sheet of Paper” Design Work with Inventor

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    How do you even start designing a project in Inventor software? You’ve completed all the tutorials and sample projects but still can’t do work. Are these a few thoughts you’ve had when taking the next step with Inventor? Or perhaps you still feel inefficient when using Inventor for design work. This session will present a variety of methods and approaches to best use Inventor in the real world of design and engineering. Let’s go through how to complete new designs and projects from nothing (blank sheet) in Inventor. What is the best way to build up assemblies when you start from scratch? Learn why you should do things a certain way in Inventor for less frustration and further productivity. Let’s look at methods to apply when using assembly constraints, sketching, and modeling by using real-world examples to show why certain methods are used to accomplish designs in Inventor. By seeing these methods, you can then take that step away from demos and tutorials and start effectively doing real work in Inventor.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Inventor to complete designs
    • Learn how to complete daily design tasks with Inventor
    • Learn about Inventor designs that are easier to modify
    • Learn how to avoid Inventor constraint errors