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Done in One: Why Use Multitasking Machines

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    In today’s market, more and more parts are needing faster turnaround times at lower costs. Multitasking machines help you complete a part in a single operation while reducing your setup times. In this class, we will start with the history of Mazak as an organization and how it created the multitasking machine market. We will cover the different architectures available in the industry and each of their benefits and shortcomings. From a functionality standpoint, we will discuss different types of synchronization, the reasoning behind each one, and their best-case uses. By showcasing some examples through case studies, we aim to highlight the higher-value work customers can obtain by utilizing these types of machine to their full potentials. Finally, we will look to the future and the use of hybrid multitasking machines.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of moving to a multitasking machine.
    • Rethink use of current CNC multitasking.
    • Learn about the complexities of multiaxis machining.
    • Learn how to obtain higher-value work for your shops.