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BIM 360 Design: Revit and Civil 3D Collaboration

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    The BIM 360 Design product provides access to the Design Collaboration and Document Management modules within the BIM 360 platform. In addition, access (entitlements) are provided for Revit Cloud Worksharing and Collaboration for Civil 3D software. With these entitlements, it is possible to achieve true collaboration between all members of the project team. Two experts will discuss and demonstrate the workflow for such cloud-based collaboration using Revit software and Civil 3D software. We’ll examine the similarities and differences and offer some best practices advice. The session will wrap up with a demonstration of sharing data between Revit and Civil 3D using BIM 360 software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the nature of design collaboration within BIM 360.
    • Experience the cloud worksharing in Revit through BIM 360 Design.
    • Learn how Civil 3D design sharing with Data Shortcuts and xrefs can occur through BIM 360.
    • Examine how Civil 3D and Revit data can be shared through BIM 360.