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Автоматизация и электронный каталог на сайте производителя

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    We will inform you about the experience of the Russian enterprise NPO “Akonit”, a leader in the design of conveyors and conveyor equipment – that, being based on Autodesk products (Inventor, Vault, and Forge), has implemented an electronic interactive product catalog on its own website. The catalog provides the ability to quickly search for components, to configure new products, to manage orders and to place/distribute new orders. The catalog is built on the basis of design documentation stored in Vault, while prices are calculated automatically, due to integration with ERP. The Autodesk Inventor is used to automatically generate 3D and 2D documentation for corresponding products which have never been produced before. The Autodesk Forge acts as a viewer and has the ability to order spare parts for conveyor equipment – based on already completed orders.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create an electronic interactive product catalog on your site with Inventor, Vault, and Forge
    • Learn how to properly integrate Vault and an industrial enterprise ERP system
    • Learn about the benefits of the configurable order viewer created with Forge
    • You will learn how you can win the competition by creating an electronic interactive product catalog