Autodesk University FAQ

Get answers to your questions about AU events and year-round learning.

AU 2021

When will AU 2021 take place?

AU 2021 will be a free global digital conference October 5-14. Join us for news and announcements from Autodesk beginning October 5 with regional content, industry learning, and networking opportunities to follow.

Why will AU 2021 be a digital conference?
We continue to prioritize the health and safety of our community, and feedback indicates ongoing uncertainty around company travel policies and in-person gatherings.
What is the cost to attend?

The AU 2021 digital conference will be free for anyone interested in attending. 

When will registration open?

Registration opens in mid-July for English and in August for other languages. Registration is required to participate in the conference.

What will happen with other AU events in 2021?

Planning is underway for a number of international events for this year. We'll share locations, dates, and details as the information becomes available. 

What learning and networking will be part of this year's conference?

AU 2021 will offer hundreds of sessions, visionary keynotes, thought-provoking presentations, and opportunities to connect with both Autodesk and your professional community. We hope you'll join us.

Where can I find information about submitting a proposal?

Check out the Call for Proposals page for details about submitting a class proposal for AU 2021, including dates, requirements, and resources. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about my proposal?

Reach out to with questions about proposal submissions.

Do I need to sign up for classes after I register for the conference?
No. Because AU 2020 is a digital event, there is no need to sign up for individual classes. Roundtables are the only session format with attendance limits and are first-come, first-served.
Will I be able to view a list of classes prior to the conference?
Yes. You can see a list of classes and start building your schedule beginning in mid-September. 
Will I be able to take an Autodesk Certification exam as an AU 2021 attendee?
Yes. Registered attendees at AU 2021 will be eligible to receive a 50% discount toward any Autodesk Associate, Professional, or Expert Certification exam. 
In what languages will AU 2021 content be available?
AU 2021 content will be available in English, along with select sessions in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.
Do I need to install any apps or other software to participate in AU 2020?
AU 2020 is a digital event, and many of our live experiences will take place using virtual meeting platforms, including Zoom.
Can I meet with Autodesk product experts during AU 2020?
Yes. Autodesk employees and experts in our extended community around the world will be available during AU 2020 to answer your product questions, provide Autodesk Account help, and support you in reimagining what’s possible.
How can I connect with other AU 2020 conference attendees?
This year’s global digital event will feature a variety of community and networking activities, including live industry-focused meetups. You can also follow speakers and peers you’d like to connect with after the conference on the AU website.
What classes will be offered this year?
AU 2021 will feature hundreds of new classes led by industry professionals and Autodesk experts. Check out the Session Catalog beginning in mid-September for a full list of sessions.
I’m a journalist. What can I expect from a press/media perspective?

Journalists, media, and analysts who are interested in AU 2021 should email for information. 

How can my company become a sponsor at AU 2021?

Contact for information about AU 2021 sponsorship opportunities.

Can I interact with exhibitors at the conference?
Yes. AU 2021 will bring together exhibitors representing leading products and services that today’s designers and makers rely on to build the world.
Will learning content be available after the conference?

You'll find new AU 2021 sessions on the AU website following the conference, accessible on demand.  

What will happen with other AU events in 2021? 

Planning is underway for a number of international events for this year. We'll share locations, dates, and details as the information becomes available. 

Year-round learning

How can I learn year-round with Autodesk University?

Expand your skills anytime with thousands of free, on-demand classes, articles, videos, and more—all on the AU website.

Do I need to create an account to access free AU learning content on the website?

Anyone can access free AU learning content on the AU website. Sign in with your Autodesk Account to fully engage with the community by sharing, recommending, and commenting.

I need help with my Autodesk Account.

Create your Autodesk Account if you haven't already done so. If you're having trouble signing in to your existing account, check out these tips for assistance.

Can I watch a recording of a session from a previous AU conference?

Yes. Search the AU website library for the session you're interested in. You can filter search results by year, conference, product, topic, industry, and more.

How do I share, comment on, or recommend a class or article?

To share, comment on, or recommend a class or article, first sign in to the AU website. Then click the share, comment, or recommend icon located at the top of each class or article page. You can also follow classes and articles to track engagement and bookmark classes for quick reference.

How can I receive news and updates from AU?

Sign up for our newsletter in the 'Stay in touch' section (below) to receive conference updates and other news.