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Revitize your practice - it's time you tried Revit. And BIM. And the Cloud.
강의 ID: AS502866
제품: AutoCAD, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Navisworks, Revit
주제: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Building Operations, Cloud Collaboration, Digital Construction

세션 설명

CAD is still the primary design, coordination, construction management, and building operation platform for many architects and engineers, designers and consultants, contractors and owners throughout the world.

It's time to switch to something new, just as we no longer use a flip phone. It's time for a technological upgrade.

We're not anti-AutoCAD, but learning and implementing new technology is always beneficial to a company's bottom line.

We will demonstrate the value of this proposition and argue that trying something new is beneficial to your business.

학습 목표

  1. Learn About technological advances in Revit and BIM
  2. See how easy it is to adopt and implement new technology
  3. Retain top talent that embraces new technology and upgrade your own
  4. Improve the company's resume (CV) to get more and better business

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