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GeoBIM: A New Era in The AECO Digital Transformation Journey
강의 ID: BES501533
제품: AutoCAD, Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect, BIM 360 Docs, Revit
주제: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Cloud Collaboration, Data Management, Digital Transformation, Geospatial

세션 설명

Methods of combining the analytical power of GIS, with the construction intelligence of BIM, have caught the attention of the AECO industry as they move into a new era of the digital transformation. The possibilities outlined by the development of promising new tool sets, as well as ongoing research have made clear that GeoBIM development is here to stay. Let’s dig into the market needs, new ideas, and applications that are driving demand for this integration, while showcasing ArcGIS GeoBIM as an industry leader in this new field of development. We aim to share in the excitement of GeoBIM with our colleagues while outlining the many opportunities to bring this integration to the next level.

학습 목표

  1. Identify demand and benefits of GIS-BIM integration
  2. Explore hot topics in GeoBIM R&D
  3. Outline ArcGIS GeoBIM as a viable solution to several industry weaknesses.
  4. Discuss future movement in the promising direction of GIS-BIM integration

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