Product Demo
Work smarter, not harder! - See how BIMrx Core streamlines your workflows
강의 ID: AS501410
제품: Revit
주제: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Data Management, Document Management, Project Management

세션 설명

BIMrx is purpose-built software developed by AEC professionals for AEC professionals and is focused on accelerating project setup, data management, and documentation. BIMrx is built to streamline the entire BIM project lifecycle from views and model production to collaborating with stakeholders and project administration.
In this demo we will show you workflows on how to set up projects faster, manage data more efficiently, and accelerate documenting views with BIMrx Core. BIMrx Core is for all disciplines and will alleviate those tedious tasks that users spend countless hours on. It is an add-on for Revit to work in conjunction with your current project workflows and add efficiency to many Revit tasks.
We will demonstrate how multi-disciplinary firms like SM&W use BIMrx to setup their Revit projects faster and increase their ROI so that they spend less time on low level tasks and more time focused on solving the challenges of urbanization, globalization, and sustainability

학습 목표

  1. Discover the benefits of utilizing BIMrx Core to streamline BIM project workflows
  2. Create views and sheets fasts with the BIMrx Core’s ‘Sheet View Manager’
  3. Explore the BIMrx Core data management features to integrate Excel into Revit models
  4. Streamline documenting drawings with the BIMrx Tagging features.

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