Civil Engineering
Case Study
Automatic BIM budgeting in Civil 3D: a real case study
강의 ID: CES501300
제품: Civil 3D, Dynamo Studio
주제: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Infrastructure Workflows

세션 설명

QTO Manager is a Civil 3D tool that is used to classify and quantify objects, create bid items lists and calculation formulas, and output the results to worksheets. The classification depends on previous database, like out-of-the-box FHA and AASHTO official databases, or SICRO, government database in Brazil. Also, QTO Manager capabilities stop on materials or works list reports, and additional budgeting softwares are necessary. But Dynamo connectivity and automation tools can facilitate communication between both softwares and avoid as many manual job as possible.
In this case study of an urban infrastructure project in Brazil, I will present how QTO Manager and Dynamo connectivity between Orçafascio, a brazilian online budgeting software, and Civil 3D was used to create an automatic BIM workflow to obtain construction budget.

학습 목표

  1. Identify all necessary tools and data for a project budget in Civil 3D, from Excel to online software
  2. Load Pay Item data files from an official database and apply to objects
  3. Connect Civil 3D information to online budgeting software
  4. Evaluate the results of budget worksheets in a real case

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