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Get hands-on with your Revit models - collaborative design with Arkio

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What if you could easily hand sketch and model new proposals on Revit and BIM 360 models while standing inside your designs? What if you could invite your team to join remotely using virtual reality, tablets, phones and PC's to work together in real-time on your next big idea?
This session we will team up with industry specialists and architecture firms who will share their hands-on experience of using Arkio, a new collaborative spatial design tool for architecture, interior and urban design. Together we will show how Arkio can be used to create new designs on Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 models, maps, data and other 3D models and images.
We will talk about Arkio's smart components that can be grabbed, stretched and glued like physical building blocks and how you can export your collaborative work back as native Revit geometry and mass families. We will show how accessible this technology is by allowing attendees to join us live in an Arkio design competition to win some cool prizes.

학습 목표

  1. Discover how VR/AR can be used as in interactive design and authoring tool
  2. Learn how designs made in VR/AR can be linked back to Revit and BIM 360
  3. Find out how to customize these tools to your needs
  4. Go hands-on with this technology during a live design challenge

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