Industry Talk
How To Plan For Hybrid Manufacturing Workflows And Reduce Material Waste

세션 설명

Additive and subtractive hybrid manufacturing techniques, such as Directed Energy Deposition (DED) combined with milling, can produce components in a more sustainable manner than traditional workflows, for example by reducing the amount of waste material. This is of particular interest in industries utilising high cost materials, e.g. lowering “buy-to-fly” ratios in aerospace. However, planning the entire process through is key to ensuring that these benefits are maximised, and that the hybrid approach will lead to a successful outcome.
This talk will describe the main considerations when approaching and planning out a DED hybrid process, from design for manufacture to programming best practice and work holding suggestions, using lessons learnt from both customer and demonstration parts produced in Autodesk’s Technology Centre. It will display how Fusion 360 was and can be used for stages in the workflow, tying these steps together to further increase efficiency of the overall process.

학습 목표

  1. Identify key considerations for process planning of hybrid manufacturing workflows.
  2. Implement the lessons into DED hybrid workflows, particularly those using Fusion 360.
  3. Define how DED hybrid workflows can lead to a more sustainable manufacturing option.
  4. Create the necessary items and toolpaths within Fusion 360 for DED hybrid workflows.

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