We know machine learning is good, but can it actually help?

세션 설명

There was a lot of hype about machine learning. What we wanted to prove, was could it be used to solve challenges in the business of engineering and if so, how could we use it. Could we find information across decades of archived projects and shine light on dark data?
This panel will discuss how we leveraged our partnership with Autodesk to develop a system that could be used to search historical 2D engineering drawings and unlock valuable intellectual property. This will include how we identified this as a useful application of machine learning, the challenges we had to overcome through each stage of the process and what part AI/Machine Learning can play in advancing AEC workflows in the future. With panelists from GHD and Autodesk, representing the view of the project, the business, Research and Product Team. The perspectives are sure to be diverse and comprehensive. This initiative proved nothing worth doing is easy, join us to discuss what made this initiative worth it!

학습 목표

  1. How leveraging vendor partnerships to explore new capabilities can help realise valuable business outcomes.
  2. Identify ways in which AI / ML could be applied to other AEC workflows
  3. Overcoming challenges associated with new and innovative solutions
  4. Understand the challenges and benefits of using machine learning to search 2D drawings

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