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Lecture    MA3482-P
Machines of Adventure: Using Alias to Create Models for an Art Book
Autodesk University
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In this class, experienced Alias industrial design software users, concept artists, illustrators, and designers learn the powerful Alias techniques used to create an art book of fantasy vehicles, airplanes, bikes, spaceships, and mysterious expeditions. Power Alias user Michal Jelinek shares his story about how he created the art for the book. He explains how the creative modeling process differs in entertainment versus product design. He also discusses how to capitalize on polygonal modeling expertise in Alias, as well as how to use the Alias dynamic shape modeling tools and hybrid modeling capability. Finally, he shows how to prepare Alias concept models for rapid prototyping.

주요 학습

  • Identify the differences between the creative modeling process when used for entertainment versus product design
  • Use the Alias dynamic shape modeling tools
  • Prepare Alias concept models for rapid prototyping
  • Make use of polygonal modeling expertise in Alias


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