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BIM 360 Design Collaboration - It's a small world after all - There is no I in Team
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If you've ever wrestled to coordinate on a design project with multiple companies you know the pain of getting everyone into on system where the design can be shared, viewed, reviewed and iterated on. Join me in a demonstration on workflows and best practices as we explore BIM 360 Design Collaboration, BIM 360 document Management and Revit to show how these products work together to facilitate grand designs. Along the way we will explore tips and tricks for setup and workflow that will save time and frustration as well as explore a few technical tips for troubleshooting common issues.

주요 학습

  • Attendees will clearly understand the relationship between Revit, BIM 360 Document Management and the Design Collaboration modules
  • Attendees will easily be able to configure a project using administrative tools
  • Attendees will have fantastic ideas for best practices and be able to avoid common pitfalls in workflows
  • Attendees will be able to quickly troubleshoot common errors and issues that relate to project workflows.



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