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InfraWorks—Detailed Design Roads and Intersections with Component Roads
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We've seen the progression of InfraWorks software throughout the recent years. Design roads have improved immensely, but they're still limited when it comes to turn lanes at intersections. Join this class and see how to harness the power of the component road to build roads that are more accurate to design, especially within the intersection. This class will walk you through the process of creating a component road from scratch. From there, we'll look at what is required to add a turn lane and remove the grass median at the intersection of our road. This process will be completed by the steps of adding additional components and replace components to our road. We'll finish up our road by adjusting the roadside grading with 2 different daylight slopes, and then we'll transition between them both. Now that we have a completed road, we'll end the class by diving into what types of quantities we can collect, and how we can limit the areas of interest for a more accurate quantity.

주요 학습

  • Understand the process to create a component road
  • Learn how to access and adjust the parameters of each individual component
  • Comprehend the workflow to add, remove, split, and replace a component within the road
  • Understand how to pull quantities from the road in a defined region



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