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BIM 360: Putting All the Puzzle Pieces Together
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BIM 360 software introduces a common language for all construction stakeholders, from design to facility management. We will show you how to organize this common language, and use all the new BIM 360 modules (Document Management, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination and Project/Field Management) in the smartest way. We will also show how you could connect BIM 360 to external applications and databases using our Forge development platform. Implementing the use of this common language is similar to solving a puzzle, as there are different BIM 360 pieces of technology (cloud and desktop) that we need to put together in the right order and position. This presentation will be based on our knowledge and users’ feedback.

주요 학습

  • Understand how BIM 360 can help connect a construction project's tasks
  • Discover new or adjusted workflows that could be applied to your daily work
  • Discover how BIM 360 connects different teams for every specific project phase using real-life examples
  • Learn how to connect BIM 360 to external data systems using Forge



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