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Practice Applications Training: Overcoming a Lack of Training for a 500-Plus-Person Firm
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We need more training! This is a statement that many a design apps manager or principal has made. We sign up for useful tools like Lynda.com or hire a firm to teach us Revit software, and these are great tools when provided to the correct staff. They’re asked to learn the tool on their own time. A Google search for “Revit training” yields 1.2 million hits! The final training strategy is on the job. Trial by fire will yield advancements in knowledge, but users are applying old habits in a new environment. Corgan has created an applications training strategy that addresses these issues, bringing consistency across our 6 offices and our realignment to market-sector studios. Our approach focuses on the practice of architecture using Revit as the tool. We weave in external resources and make this information manageable and searchable in our IT service platform. These principals are baked into a university-type platform. This includes lectures, labs, homework, and textbooks. It is repeatable, consistent, and intense.

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  • Learn how to identify the root issues of what needs to be taught beyond just the tools
  • Understand the commitments to a training initiative within your firm
  • Discover the resources that are available within the firm, and ones that need to be created to support a firm-wide training initiative
  • Understand how to assess, maintain, and measure successes and failures of training for ultimate longevity and implementation



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