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Harnessing the Power of the AutoCAD COM APIs
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AutoCAD software’s COM automation API used for Microsoft VBA isn’t the only COM API that is exposed for use with AutoCAD software. There are 4 lesser-known COM APIs that have been lost in time; they were designed to automate some of the CAD management-related tasks in the AutoCAD drawing environment. The COM APIs that we will cover during this session enable you to create a transmittal package, work with sheet sets, define custom-CAD-standards plug-ins, and link objects to database records. This session will provide an overview of each API and will give you lots of sample code to take back for experimentation.

주요 학습

  • Learn how to create a basic transmittal package from a drawing
  • Learn how to create and modify sheets and sheet sets
  • Learn how to check for and fix issues related to drawing standards
  • Learn how to link database records to objects in a drawing



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