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AutoCAD Quick Scripting with Spreadsheets
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Script (.scr) files can be used to quickly and easily automate strings of commands and repetitive command actions in AutoCAD software. Maximizing spreadsheet functionality to generate script files is a great way to take advantage of AutoCAD Script (.scr) files and get started with automation. In this class, we'll go over common scripting commands and set up a spreadsheet that can be used to output .TXT files for conversion to AutoCAD Script (.scr) files.

주요 학습

  • Learn about the basics of AutoCAD Script (.scr) files
  • Learn how to create a basic working AutoCAD Script (.scr) file for automating a series of commands in AutoCAD
  • Learn how to create a spreadsheet that can be saved and used for script generation
  • Learn how to output a .TXT file and convert to AutoCAD Script (.scr) format



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