Lecture    AC2231
Capture Objects in 3D and Replicate Them Like the Star Trek® Crew Does
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This class will cover the several methods for capturing real-world objects—from the very small to the very large—using laser scanning, photogrammetry, and a few other methods. The technology for capturing and printing the 3D geometry and textures from an existing object often sounds more like science fiction than reality. However, it is real, and I will show you in easy bite-sized pieces how you can do it so you can leave the class with a good understanding and are ready to replicate an object the Star Trek way.

주요 학습

  • Explain how your own use of these technologies can benefit your business and industry
  • Explain this new technology and its limitations and benefits
  • Describe the many reality capture technologies, including the hardware and software
  • Capture the object in 3D, but also know what you can do with it




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