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Pre-conference Session    CCS320698
Verify! Verify! Verify! Create, Coordinate, and Prefabricate for Subcontractors
Autodesk University
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We had a discussion at Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018 that focused on what a BIM coordinator does for the general contractor through processes and workflows—do’s and don’ts and so on. We’ll now explore the process and workflow of a BIM coordinator from the subcontractor side! Our coordination team’s established methods not only help our field crews with install and on-site verification, but they help catch things that sometimes slip through the cracks. Learn how to utilize BIM coordination to improve project outcome for all parties. We’ll discuss how communication, safety, collaboration, prefabrication, quality, and cost can impact what we do to help the industry with tools like Revit software, Navisworks software, BIM 360 Glue software, and more.

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  • Learn how communication and collaboration help with cost, safety, and overall quality
  • Discover the difference between being a BIM coordinator for a subcontractor vs. a general contractor
  • Preparing your project for virtual coordination and prefabrication
  • Learn about the process, workflow, and timeline needed to stay ahead of the general contractor


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