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Revit Templates for Better MEP Fabrication
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The intent of this session is to show best practices to implement in your Revit template when dealing with MEP Fabrication projects. These recommendations will help provide better control of your experience with Revit Fabrication Parts during the detailing, documenting, and fabrication phases. Users coming from Fabrication CADmep software and Fabrication ESTmep software will see familiar outputs with these Revit template techniques. You’ll be able to better identify what has been sent out to fabricate and use a better QC process. Not only will there be typical graphical advantages, but also documentation capabilities will be enhanced. We’ll talk about how to best approach projects providing all AutoCAD backgrounds versus Revit backgrounds, all while still utilizing your custom Revit template.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create custom parameter-driven filters for fabrication tracking
  • Learn how to set up view templates for controlled and repeatable graphic standards
  • Identify how to best approach various project types
  • Learn how to build a custom annotation family for spool maps



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