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Making the AutoCAD Web App Work for You
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The AutoCAD web app is your cloud collaboration solution for viewing and editing your drawings. The app is evolving and improving on a continual basis with new and exciting features. It’s not just a standalone application, but works with your favorite storage providers, as well as the entire AutoCAD family. Learn from the AutoCAD web app team about how you can apply the AutoCAD web app to your daily life. Along with a brief history of the AutoCAD web app, topics will include storage providers, current features, connectivity with the rest of the AutoCAD family.

주요 학습

  • Learn about where the AutoCAD web app fits into the AutoCAD family
  • Learn how to collaborate more effectively with other members of your project using the AutoCAD web app's cloud-based solution
  • Talk directly with the AutoCAD web app team
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