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Different Tools to Implement Your WebVR Application
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With all kinds of different VR devices released to the market, the concept of VR/AR/MR is becoming increasingly popular, but it's still an expensive experience. Is there any way to make the VR experience more accessible, and easier for your customers? WebVR provides a good solution. This class will introduceWebVR and show you some cool demos to help you get a quick project started with the technology, There are several frameworks you can start with, and even mix together - we will discuss some of these, including Three.js, the Autodesk Forge Viewer, and ReactVR. The class will show live demos, and the code behind the different examples.

주요 학습

  • Learn what WebVR is all about, and the status of WebVR as a practical technology
  • Learn about different frameworks that can be used to implement a WebVR application
  • Learn how to use Three.js and Forge Viewer to make a WebVR application
  • Learn how to use ReactVR framework to implement an interactive WebVR application




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