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A Tale of 2 Upgrades: Vault and Inventor
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Do you struggle with performing and coordinating your Vault software and Inventor software installations? Do you struggle with how and when to install, upgrade, or migrate your custom or standard Content Center libraries? Stop playing “choose your own upgrade adventure,” and attend this class! We will help you plan a methodical upgrade and rollout. What is the recommended and required order of operations? Vault? Inventor? Client? Server? This class will include how to update custom Content Center libraries while still having them available for the current drawings and adding new standard libraries. We will show you how to upgrade and migrate your Vault databases. We will discuss tips on using enterprise software deployment tools to update all clients in your organization. By the end of this class, you will be fully armed and ready with all the knowledge you need to upgrade your Vault and Inventor environment.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to prepare your environment for a Vault or Inventor upgrade
  • Learn how to update Vault
  • Learn how to upgrade Inventor
  • Learn how to migrate custom and standard Content Center libraries



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