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Taking a New Road: InfraWorks for Public Engagement
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InfraWorks software facilitates engineers, planners, and architects in the making of complex decisions. Of equal importance is the role it can play in explaining the complexities of the decision-making process to a less technical audience, making the "why," "how," and "what" accessible and engaging. As part of a new plan for its central core, the City of Vancouver is replacing a viaduct system, the only remnant of a proposed freeway, with a more resilient and connected street network. Public engagement is a key component of the process-and with extensive changes being proposed to the street system and the public realm, the challenge has been to present the future state and how things are being phased/changed in a clear, accurate, and interesting manner. This class will show how an interdepartmental team is collaborating to use the full palette of InfraWorks software's capabilities-including web maps, ground-based LIDAR (light detection and ranging), and virtual reality-to make the public an informed and engaged partner in the process.

주요 학습

  • Benefit from real-life successes (and stumbles) in the application of InfraWorks for public engagement
  • Learn how to adapt strategies for introducing InfraWorks into existing workflows, and learn how to overcome resistance to change
  • Learn how to optimize models for best delivery through the web and VR
  • Learn how to choose effective third-party tools to enhance InfraWorks models



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