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Future of Connecting Things—Health Care Organization to the Virtual Record Environment
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The Virtual Record Environment (VRE) is an as-built project deliverable intended to connect macro to micro levels of information. The VRE provides campus context, access to building information in the 3D model with connected 2D sheets, and quick access to any asset within. Highlighting the connected workflows possible for a large health care organization, the VRE uses the BIM 360 environment. With the owner's request in mind, the VRE maintains the integrity of design and construction's digital activities within BIM 360 while also affording the compatibility between design platforms required throughout the project's lifecycle. The VRE workflow highlights the migration of building information (Revit software) across all disciplines, and highlights the importance of identifying assets of importance that should be integrated into the model environment. The VRE workflow includes Revit software, InfraWorks software for site mapping, BIM 360 Docs software for as-built model and sheet context, and BIM 360 Ops software for asset identification and data basing.

주요 학습

  • Learn about high-efficiency building lifecycle technology integration in the cloud
  • Learn how to identify, input, and push building assets information across the BIM 360 environment
  • Discover construction hand-off data translated into a BIM 360-based FM workflow
  • Learn how to record model development post-construction activities in Revit, InfraWorks, and BIM 360



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