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Steering the Largest Project of the West Coast: BIM Lessons of the SLCTRP Project
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With 12 years on the works and operations scheduled in 2020, the Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah, designed by HOK, is a prime example of Building Information Modeling (BIM) execution of a project of colossal proportions. With 1.6 million square feet, $2.6 billion budget, and several dozens of consultants working in tandem, the Design Team demonstrated the ability to devise unique BIM strategies that included the automation of repetitive processes, the remote collaboration with virtualized engines, the adoption of daily cloud-based file exchanges, the adoption of streamlined communication channels, the decentralization of the 3D coordination, the dynamic documentation of approved workflows, and the almost unrestrained disposition to adopt tools and technology to facilitate the documentation process. We will discuss in great detail the variety of BIM strategies adopted by the Design Team, the challenges faced when managing more than 100 cross-linked Revit software files, and the key lessons learned of the overall BIM process. This session features Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks Manage. AIA Approved

주요 학습

  • Learn how to identify the top challenges when planning the BIM execution of megaprojects
  • Learn how to devise QA/QC strategies for BIM processes on a large scale
  • Learn the top 10 technologies that helped expedite the documentation of a large project
  • Learn the importance of a communication plan in projects with large numbers of stakeholders



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