Autodesk University
Roundtable    MFG226797-R
Generative Design Technology for Fluids Systems
Autodesk University
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Autodesk introduced structural simulation-based generative design technology this year. Autodesk is working on generative design technology for fluids-based simulation. This will be a roundtable to discuss the future of generative design based on fluids simulation. Example use cases will be generation of flow profiles for header systems, the flow path within flow control devices, or generation of different novel heat sink designs. There will be a show and tell on technology and how it works in its infancy and some workflow concepts. We will follow this with roundtable discussion activities of what generative means to you, and what you would need it to do for it to have high value. Be prepared to share your thoughts.

주요 학습

  • Understand what generative technology is
  • Discover what you need to be prepared for the generative revolution
  • Understand the impact on the development of generative fluids
  • Learn how to communicate the next-generation workflows to your peers


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