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Model to Machine in 90 Seconds: Smart, Fast Templating for Fusion 360 CAD-CAM Workflows
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Discover what makes Fusion 360 software the fastest rapid-prototyping CAD/CAM software available. Users will learn how to use parametric design history, user-defined parameters, and the tools in the Manufacturing Workspace to create rapid-prototyping templates to bring models from CAD models to machines in minutes. When the tedious work of CAM setups, tool libraries, feeds and speeds, and fixturing / work holding can be baselined in a standard template, designers and operators can spend more time focusing on product development and part optimization. With a few simple rules, tips, and tricks coming straight from the Autodesk Technology Center Workshops, you can create standardized CAD/CAM templates to streamline design to make workflows at any level.

주요 학습

  • Learn how to design Fusion 360 manufacturing templates to expedite, standardize, and automate CAD-to-CAM workflows
  • Learn about and use parametric design history and user-defined parameters to automate CAM setups
  • Learn how to model and use generic reference geometry to automatically align multiaxis strategies to complex parts
  • Learn how to create material- and operation-specific tool libraries with adapted feeds and speeds suited to the material and setup



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