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Industry Talk    CI225830
Advanced Data Flows And Visualization Through InfraWorks
Autodesk University
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In this class, we will cover how to accelerate the transition to connected BIM (Building Information Modeling) for infrastructure with improved efficiency and project approvals through an end-to end design approach using InfraWorks software as the aggregator and design data visualizer. We will walk through one of our road projects and demonstrate the data collection solution we’re using in our data flow solution. Our techniques and workflow include high-end existing modeling conditions, road design representations in InfraWorks combined with built-in road and bridge design tools, ArcGIS Data collection and presentation in InfraWorks, Ramboll Risk Management data representation in InfraWorks, BIM 360 as collaboration tool for InfraWorks, InfraWorks data flow for 3ds Max software or Forge in the future, advanced visualization—virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR)—and more. We will expose attendees to leading practices using InfraWorks for data visualization and aggregation, and they will get inspired about how to improve design efficiency and reduce risk on the projects.

주요 학습

  • Understand data flows and interoperability for InfraWorks and third parties
  • Understand the concept of data-visualization techniques in InfraWorks and BIM 360
  • Explore new possibilities in InfraWorks
  • Explore data flow from InfraWorks to AR and VR


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