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Revit++: More with Your Revit, More for Your Workflow
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Gain knowledge and acquire ideas regarding how to improve your architecture and construction design workflows in your company or office and enhance your design drawing standards and cross-platform collaborative approaches using Revit software. Get ideas on creating intuitive yet powerful Revit software templates for basic design; enhancing your floor plan and section detailing by modification of basic models (walls, floors, and ceilings); and making more use of your HTML files generated from Interference checking. We will also cite some of our company’s examples to provide you with suggestions on developing and implementing in-house tools using Revit software’s API, and we will offer you some related tools for your usage and evaluation if possible. You will gain brief knowledge on how Japanese general construction companies such as Taisei Corporation introduce and make full use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to comply and integrate with its existing design and drawing workflows as well as innovated new workflows using BIM.

주요 학습

  • Learn how to create your own intuitive but powerful Revit templates
  • Learn how to put details on your floor plan and section drawings
  • Learn how to use more of your HTML from interference checking with provided tools
  • Explore other available workflows such as visibility and viewing tools, model simplification, and others



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