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The “Smart” Pit: Boost Your Plant Underground Utilities Design with Revit and Dynamo
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This class will discuss and present the smart way to use Revit software and Dynamo software for underground utilities design. This design process, especially for oil and gas plants, is in a constant state of change; hence, it is necessary to find a way to save hours of tedious work. We can achieve this goal by developing "smart" families able to move and adapt according to calculation, simultaneously respecting design and clients' standards. We can synchronize the families' data with the hydraulic calculation by using Dynamo to connect the calculation report to the model with a simple "run." In this way, the pipes routing gets updated, and with this, all quantities and drawings, reducing considerably the time related to these activities.

주요 학습

  • Learn how to use Revit and Dynamo for the underground utilities design of a real oil and gas plant
  • Learn how to build “smart” pits using the Revit Family Editor
  • Understand how to automate and synchronize your utilities design with Dynamo
  • Learn how to connect your calculation report to the model


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