Industry Talk    FDC127489
Using Stingray and Forge to Create Powerful AR and VR Applications
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This class will showcase the Stingray gaming engine's augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) pipeline, and demonstrate how we can use Forge software to power collaborative AR/VR experiences on various platforms. We'll give an overview of how to implement efficient stereo-rendering pipelines in modern real-time renderers to use with today's AR and VR devices, as well as how to work with these devices in Stingray. Finally, we will showcase a demonstration using Forge to load models in an AR application on the fly.

주요 학습

  • Understand how modern real-time renderers work with AR and VR devices
  • Learn how to use Stingray to create useful, immersive AR applications
  • Learn about how Forge can be used to power AR and VR experiences
  • Understand more about Windows Mixed Reality and how to create intuitive workflows for working with your AR or MR devices



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