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Alias AutoStudio: The Designers' Playground
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Almost every original equipment manufacturer and design studio is trying to shorten the design process. And not just shorten the process-they want more and more innovative designs. More variants, shorter process. How could we make this happen? The answer is never far. It's time to let the designers get into the real 3D design world. Alias software is not just a tool for surface modeling. It is far beyond that: it is supposed to be the designers' playground. You can sketch 2D, model 3D, sketch 3D, and communicate with digital sculptors on one model, one platform. This class will explain how.

주요 학습

  • Learn why designers should use Alias and how to better deliver design proposals in 3D
  • Learn how to use the shortest time to create a concept sketch to guide 3D modeling
  • Learn that concept modeling is not just about surface modeling—it should be more creative and interactive
  • Learn how to sketch on 3D models to create 3D sketches and guide 3D detailed modeling


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