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Dynamo for Advance Steel—Hands-On for Beginners
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Get your feet wet with the Dynamo extension for Advance Steel software. In this hands-on, session we'll go step by step through the specific nodes available in Dynamo to drive a steel structure in Advance Steel. It's about the basics of creating beams and plates. We'll then work with specific nodes to set up the beam type and size, material, and user attributes. We'll assign some connections in Advance Steel to understand how modifications to the Dynamo script affect the model. Furthermore, we'll walk through the benefits of using Microsoft Excel Sheets to drive a Dynamo script for similar projects like transmission towers.

주요 학습

  • Learn how to use Dynamo nodes to create beams and plates
  • Learn how to assign Advance Steel properties and parameters with specific nodes
  • Learn how to drive the geometry by linking an Excel Sheet to Dynamo
  • Learn how to speed up the modeling process with Dynamo


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