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As-Built Model Verification Workflow Using Revit and Scan Data
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The idea of using Building Information Modeling (BIM) models in facilities management has been raised for many years. One major reason why it isn’t widely adopted in the market is the mismatch between as-built model and built structure. Using reality capture technology, we can collect the scan data of the built structure and use it for as-built model verification. A list of discrepancies between scan data and the as-built model would be produced, and team members could validate the results and amend the as-built model when appropriate. This class will identify the workflow when using Revit software to verify the as-built model with the scan data, as well as the possible follow-up actions. We will use a third-party Revit plug-in for scan data identification with model category, and we’ll perform model checking using point clouds. We’ll explore a sample case to demonstrate the suggested workflow. This session features Revit and ReCap. AIA Approved

주요 학습

  • Discover the potential benefits of having a reliable as-built model
  • Learn the challenges of getting a reliable as-built model
  • Learn the workflow for verifying an as-built model with scan data
  • Learn how to set basic requirements for model verification


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