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Virtualizing a company: Southland Industries’ rollout of cloud-based VDI
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As one of the nation's largest MEP building systems experts, Southland Industries is rapidly evolving how business is done to meet the ever-changing landscape of technology, business requirements, and project needs.

Southland has implemented cloud based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to ensure scalability, manage software, and maintain competitive advantage.

Special focus will be placed on why VDI is viable for Southland Industries now, including what recent changes in the VDI landscape caused Southland to re-think the concept.

Discussion will include how it is being coupled with Autodesk's growing portfolio of cloud-based BIM solutions (BIM 360).

Key Learnings

  • Learn about VDI and solutions available
  • Learn key indicators in the solution selection process
  • Learn about integration to cloud-enabled solutions (for instance, BIM 360)
  • Learn about the administrative and security aspects of working in the cloud



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