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Revit Stakeholders Panel: Branded vs Generic Families; When and Why, Pros and Cons
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Every stakeholder has different requirements for information which can cause a model to be too heavy or too light for others, and in the worst case scenarios require each stakeholder to remodel from scratch to fit their own needs. Ideally, we should strive to work off the same model to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the design/build/maintain process. This panel will include an Owner, Architect, Contractor, and Engineer and will handle topics such as when and why we use generic or branded families in our designs and the value/pitfalls of doing so. Best practices will be shared and we will discuss ideas on how we might approach this in the future.

주요 학습

  • Understand what different stakeholders want included in branded/generic Revit families
  • Understand what family information is needed presently and what information content providers should prepare to provide in the future
  • Understand what different tools are available to manage the information in our models and families.
  • Understand which features stakeholders value the most (comprehensive and standardized shared parameters, parameters that are most vital today and those that are wanted in the future, multiple LOD versions for products, and so on)



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