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Lecture    AV1715
Add Life to Your Visualization Using Traffic Simulations with Civil View Tools in 3ds Max Design
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This class shows you how to use Civil View traffic import tools in 3ds Max Design software to bring in traffic simulation data from PTV Vissim. We examine how to prepare your data in VISSIM, how to bring that data into 3ds Max Design using Civil View, and how to handle conflicts such as overpasses. We then talk about various ways to use this data once it is set up, including how to export from 3ds Max Design to another 3D package such as Maya® software. You also learn how to replace the imported data with actual vehicles from the Civil View Vehicle library and how to use your own car library.

주요 학습

  • Accurately prepare or communicate how to prepare VISSIM data prior to export
  • Properly bring the VISSIM data into 3ds Max Design via Civil View
  • Identify conflicts such as overpasses, vehicles going the wrong way, and so on
  • Replace/link various car libraries to VISSIM data and know what to do with them afterwards


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