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Lecture    AC2482
Expanding AutoCAD Beyond the Desktop to Empower Your Small Business
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This class covers the use of AutoCAD software and the cloud using the Autodesk cloud-based app AutoCAD® 360 (formerly known as AutoCAD® WS). We examine how AutoCAD 360 can be used to expand away from the traditional desktop by using the latest tablet and smartphone technology to collaborate with others on your AutoCAD designs on the building site, the factory floor, and in the field. We also touch on some of the best practices, workarounds, shortcuts, limitations, and advantages. We show you examples of where AutoCAD 360 has been used, and demonstrate how new technology is revolutionizing the AutoCAD workplace. Using AutoCAD 360 in the cloud provides limitless opportunities to make your designs totally portable and use technology that you may not have considered before.

주요 학습

  • Use the benefits of AutoCAD 360
  • Use the basic AutoCAD 360 to expand your AutoCAD desktop
  • Share and collaborate on your AutoCAD projects
  • Bring tablet and smartphone technology to the workplace to enhance and expand your commercial reach


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